After 14 years of business, succesfully opening a store in London and working on many great collaborations, we have the feeling that there could be more on the horizon for Patta.

Because we always aspire to share our culture and learn from other cultures, this combined with our positive growth in recent years, we have incentive and an extra push in a direction we wanted to go to for a long time: Asia.

With more than a year of hard work, planning, great support from our Asian partners, friends and some extra support from the ‘Oranje Handelsmissie Fonds’, Patta is proud to present the Patta 2017 Asia Tour.

A pop-up shop tour that includes 4 cities, 4 stores, 4 runs and 4 parties. In November 2017, Patta will travel and explore throughout the Asia region starting with Bangkok, followed by Shanghai, Seoul, and ending in Tokyo. Each of these cities will be stage for a 3-day pop-up store in partnership with the respective city’s Patta retailer and offer limited edition Patta Asia Tour products. With every pop-up event we aim to bring the true Patta feeling to our Asian friends and family. Keep an eye on our website and social media accounts for all updates.



After working in the skateboarding industry, Pol and his partner Ricky opened 24 Kilates in 2005, being tired of working for someone else. Feeling the need to offer Barcelona a new streetwear spot, Pol and Ricky set sail. 24 Kilates has released numerous collaborations with brands such as ASICS, Diadora and also Patta, solidifying their presence and consistency in the local scene and international success.

Next to being shop-owners, Pol and Ricky are also DJ’s and avid travellers. After visiting Bangkok several times, they fell in love with the country and the people, and decided that Bangkok will be their next destination for expansion.
The duo met Natty on one of their trips through the Bangkok DJ Scene. They made Natty their business partner and opened 24 Kilates Bangkok in 2015. 24 kilates Bangkok presents their clothes as precious art pieces, and if you take look at the store in Bangkok, you will understand. With the gold interior and large vault in the back, it gives you the feeling like you walked into a bank.

24 Kilates Bangkok will be our first partner and stop of the Patta 2017 Asia tour. We will host a pop-up store from Thursday, November 2 - Sunday, November 5, offering limited edition Patta Asia Tour products and more.


 In line with our upcoming Asia tour we want to shine some extra light on our Asian partners that helped us. Starting off with 24 Kilates with whom we are going to have a pop-up shop in Bangkok. We asked them a couple of questions to see what keeps them busy. You can read the full interview, HERE



Shanghai-based DOE was founded in 2014 by Himm Wonn and Terry Zhu who both have a long history in the culture. Himm as the founder of Urban Magazine, the first magazine of its kind in China that brought a holistic awareness of global urban culture to the Chinese youth, and Terry who led several team for brands such as Nike, Converse I.T and Gucci.

DOE is meant to be a spot that invites people to hang out and encourages to connect, keep critical thinking and create self-awareness, hence the coffee shop within their Tong Ren Lu location. 

Tong Ren Lu as the original location of DOE is a street-level pinnacle sneaker-focused store, while their second newly opened location at Xin Tian Di features many of the top global menswear brands showcased alongside up-and-coming local Chinese designers.

“DOE”, a variation of the words bro, homie, dog, friend or acquaintance, has put itself on the map by organising pop-up events and collaborations such as Heat Wave and Stüssy. DOE is an official Patta stockist and will be our second stop on the Patta 2017 Asia Tour, with a pop-up store from Thursday, November 9 - Sunday, November 12, offering limited edition Patta Asia Tour products and more. 



Second stop of our Patta 2017 Asia Tour will be in China, with Shanghai-based streetwear store and brand DOE as our partner. We had a chat with the DOE team to get to know what keeps them going. You can read the full interview, HERE.