When DJ Moortje, a DJ from Curacao, accidentally played a dancehall LP at 45 rpm instead of the standard 33 at Club Voltage in 1988, the ‘bubbling’ genre was born. The genre influenced by traditional Antillean tambu music and rave-esque synths, combined with sped-up ragga vocal loops and percussion took its flight in local community centers and clubs throughout The Netherlands.
With highly energetic beats, dance battles and parties, bubbling became its own sub genre and culture with its own style and fashion etiquette. A mix of gabber and dancehall formed by colorful tracksuits, large sports jerseys and Nike Air Max silhouettes, with the Tinker Hatfield-designed Air Max BW (for ‘Big Window’) being one of the most popular shoes of that time.


Film re-edit by Maurice Verburgh

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