A postcard from Amsterdam pt. 2

I have successfully completed the second month of my internship at Patta and experienced another month of living in Amsterdam, so far so good. If you're an avid follower of the Patta blog you will know that I promised to give you a monthly postcard, giving you an insight of Amsterdam and what its like working for Patta from an outsiders perspective. With it being almost a month to the day since I created my last postcard that update has arrived.

March and April have been big months for Sneakerheads in Amsterdam, firstly Patta had the Atmos x Air Max 1 release in store and saw crowds of locals queuing outside before opening hours to try and get their hands on the limited release. Congratulations to everyone who got themselves a pair, and anyone who missed out you can still find a few on the consignment section of our webstore. Then there was Sneakerness last weekend, an event that any devoted sneaker fiend would have attended. Overall there was a lot of queuing in the hope of aquiring something special, the reward is always worth it, we all know the feeling…

The Patta team have been commenting on my last postcard since I put it on the blog a month ago, some eager to see what I come up with next and one person in particular warning me to take care when using him as a source of inspiration in future projects… So in light of all of his words of wisdom I decided to do the opposite and dedicate a large portion of this months postcard to Tim Sabajo, Patta Store Manager. There isn't enough space on Wordpress to give you an accurate idea of just how much wisdom (wisdom is applied very loosely here) the man has shared with me in one month so I will narrow it down by leaving you with two exact quotes that stuck with me;

"YOU aint Hip Hop, YOU Rap" - with reference to a pair of my skinny jeans.



How does anyone respond to that? Check back in a month for more Patta/Amsterdam news from the Englishman.

Yours truly,

Lord Calum aka 'Fanboy' (according to Tim).

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