A postcard from Amsterdam pt. 3

Its been a while since my last postcard and the last month and a half has certainly been an eventful one. I can come up with excuses for this postcard's lateness, like the fact that the first drop of the summer 2013 collection landed on the Patta doorstep and the reaction from our dedicated fans and followers was a slightly overwhelming and flattering experience (a reaction that the whole Patta team is very grateful to receive).

But the busy days spent in the store don't vindicate my lack of blogging and delayed postcard fully, so instead i'm choosing to blame my participation in the celebrations that seemed to take over Amsterdam in the final days of April and start of May as the excuse. I realised that the Dutch have some common ground with the British in that we will use any excuse to take to the Streets and Parks (weather permitting) to have a drink and party. The experience of similar festival like celebrations in England came in handy when embarking on the night and day alcohol fuelled jamboree in honour of your Dutch Queen (and now King of course). Although I can't say I spent a lot of time observing the inauguration of King Willem-Alexander, but can I really be blamed when there were strippers and fake cash to throw at them in Jimmy Woo on Queensnight followed by the Patta Stage at Westerpark on Queensday? Then the following weekend Amsterdam threw a national party for Liberation Day which sent me back to Westerpark for a similar/slightly more tame gathering of happily tipsy people making the most of the festival spirit. Then came a slightly more personal celebration, I got to see my team, Chelsea win the Europa League last week at the Amsterdam ArenA, in person. It was probably the highlight of my year but I won't go into it as i've found out that there isn't a great deal of fondness for Chelsea FC in Amsterdam so i'll keep that one to myself…

Overall its been a pretty crazy month so thank you Amsterdam, you've been great but I think its time to give my liver a bit of a break.

Yours truly,

Lord Calum

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