A postcard from Amsterdam pt. 4

The time has come for my final postcard from Amsterdam, my six month spell working for the people at Patta is now finished and I have completed my internship! And what a six months its been…

The city of Amsterdam has certainly been good to me and there was never a moment when I didn't have somewhere to go or something to see, mainly thanks to the Patta team who took me under their wing and showed me everything the unique city had to offer. There really isn't enough space for me to tell you all i've seen and done. So I will keep it short by dedicating the last postcard to the core members of the Patta team whose drive and determination make the brand the success that it is today.

So to Edson, Gee, Vinz, Lee, Max, Danny, and Virgil cheers for keeping me busy and giving me some valuable experience that i'm sure will set me up for success in the future. And I'd like to give a special mention to Tim whose quotes have featured in previous postcards I made for the blog. Thanks for not giving me any special treatment, and sometimes being the "bully who never picks on the weak ones" (I took that as a compliment). I'm sure one day I will be in a situation where one of your Hip Hop inspired quotes will help me out… Maybe. After all Tim "spits the truth every time he steps in the booth"… So much wisdom for such a short guy...

If anyone else is thinking about applying for an internship with Patta I would highly recommend it, you won't regret it, just be prepared to work hard and be prepared to entertain Tim's ego and you'll fit in fine (he's a nice guy really).

So thanks to anyone else who I met along the way or who made my time in Amsterdam as enjoyable as it was.

For the last time,

Yours truly,

Lord Calum

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