A postcard from Amsterdam

Just over one month ago I left the my seaside home in Brighton, England to embark on a seven month internship working for the Patta team in Amsterdam. The reason for my departure from the place I was born and raised was to learn and gain invaluable experience from the people at Patta, and of course, the allure of moving somewhere new, especially the tolerant and liberal setting of Amsterdam, played a huge part in convincing me to apply for the position available.

Shortly after arriving and starting work Masta Lee asked me to start blogging about my new experiences to give an outsiders view on Amsterdam and Patta, and although writing isn't my foremost flair I had ideas about how I could undertake this task. 'A picture paints a thousand words' and having recently graduated from an Art and Design University, I have decided to present my first month in Amsterdam to you through primary skill set; illustration.

There are two sources of inspiration for this postcard styled piece; the first and most obvious source is the city itself and its liberal attitude that is still surprising a month in, as well as the locals use of bicycles (I nearly get hit by one everyday). The second comes from the people i've been working with and more to the point the phrases and slang that have stuck in my memory. The most important thing i've learnt so far is don't let Tim catch you saying or doing anything stupid because even if you don't give him a good reason he will still find a way to laugh at you.

I'm going to try and update you all once a month with a new Illustrative postcard that will give you more insight of Patta and Amsterdam from an outsider perspective.

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