ABOVE/BELOW Exhibition re-cap

Last Friday, July 12th, the Lobster House and B.O.M. curator Malvin Wix hosted and displayed the work of two Amsterdam based Tattoo artists for the first time in a gallery environment for one night only. Brought together by co-curator Bob Groot, Above/Below showcased the work of Emiel Steenhuizen and Edu De Leau.

Both the artist's work expressed their ties to the world of Western Tattoo tradition but yet still managed to look and feel distinctively different when placed on the walls of the same gallery side by side. Emiel's work displayed a heavy reference to various folk cultures from around the world, whether it’s traditional decorative plates, the blues of Mississippi or Nordic tapestries. Edu on the otherhand looked to dreams, mysticism, images he remembers from the past, books and photography for inspiration.

The gallery was packed out and most of the work on display was sold so overall the exhibition felt like a great success. For the occasion Emiel and Edu designed a limited edition shirt in collaboration with Ben-G and Patta which also moved pretty fast from our store but we may have one or two left in stock. Alternatively you might be able to still get your hands on one over at Ben-G. If you want to go one step further and don your skin with a permanent piece of work but either of these talented individuals then that is possible to; Emiel currently works at Admiral Tattoo, Amsterdam and Edu plies his trade at Tattoo Friendship, Amsterdam.

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