On the evening of July 12, for one night only, B.O.M. presents ‘ABOVE/BELOW’ by artists Emiel Steenhuizen and Edu De Leau. Brought together by co-curator Bob Groot, a longtime tattoo aficionado, this is the first time for both Steenhuizen and De Leau to present their work outside of the parlor.

ABOVE/BELOW showcases their drawings and collages beyond the human canvas. Although both their work is steeped in the classic Western Tattoo tradition, their approach is quite different. Emiel draws his inspiration from folk cultures from all over the world, whether it’s traditional decorative plates, the blues of Mississippi or Nordic tapestries. He’s fascinated by their timelessness, authenticity and naivety; values he tries to express in his own work. Whereas Edu turns to dreams, mysticism, images he remembers from the past, books and photography for inspiration. His traditional figures are often complemented with Escher-esque patterns and optical illusions creating an enigmatic look which is equally familiar and alienating.

For this special occasion Emiel and Edu will not only show a series of recently created work, they also designed a limited edition shirt in collaboration with Ben-G and Patta, which will, as their work, be on sale during the event.

Emiel Steenhuizen (1980)
Emiel began tattooing part-time at art school, before his passion for drawing led him to take up tattooing full time. He currently works at the renowned studio Admiraal Tattoo, Amsterdam.

Edu De Leau (1986)
Edu de Leau started tattooing in 2010. During this period he also picked up drawing again. Through countless hours of dedicated practice and work he has found and developed his own personal style. Edu works at Tattoo Friendship, Amsterdam.

B.O.M. is the explosive showcase of Amsterdam’s finest artists and creatives. Five times a year we will celebrate their work at both the Lobster House and Ludwig.
B.O.M. is curated by Malvin Wix.

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