This past Saturday, the very fun and playful Alley Cat Race took place with the city of Amsterdam serving as playground.

The unusual route of this informal race took the excited runners from De School to the temporary ON AIR space on the Zeedijk. All teams were instructed to hit up various checkpoints along the way for a snack or a drink, and most importantly: secure photographic evidence as proof of check-in!

Every team consisted of 4 runners to represent, and were free to plan their own route. However, every team was required to run together and also check in together at every checkpoint specified on the special running card. The teams gathered at De School on the west side of the city, where runners warmed up and instructions were handed out with a word from Patta's own Edson "Edison" Sabajo: “cheating is allowed!” (which naturally happened), concluding with a shot drink before hitting the road.

Checkpoints along the route consisted of starting point De School, followed by the Kanarieclub restaurant in the Kinkerbuurt for an informal “Swoosh” bite (and pic, of course!). Next up on the card were the relaxing Waterkant for a smooth ginger beer refreshment, and the wonderful W Hotel in the heart of the city center for another snack at their excellent X-bar.

The break also provided a good opportunity for amusing group photos. The highly entertaining race reached its apex at the temporary Nike x Patta ON AIR space, where the winning team, "The Refugees", were awarded with pairs of the highly anticipated Nike Air VaporMax. A big thank you goes out to all hosts, organizers, participants, Nike for the support, and last but not least, all the locations for being so kind to welcome us in their lovely establishments! Catch you at the next one!

Photography: Jaap Beyleveld