In line with our upcoming Asia tour we want to shine some extra light on our Asian partners that helped us. Starting off with 24 Kilates with whom we are going to have a pop-up shop in Bangkok. We asked them a couple of questions to see what keeps them busy.

Who are you, and where are you from?
I’m Pol. Co owner of 24 Kilates, Barcelona.

What keeps you occupied on a daily basis?
Our company is a family business and everybody is related in some way. We all do everything within the company from cleaning, selling, to packing boxes. Apart from the basic tasks, I work with my partner Ricky. We manage the image of the company, relationships with suppliers and collaborations for 24 Kilates. Next to 24 Kilates, we are food lovers and enjoy cooking and gastronomy. Eventually good food, good music and good friends make a perfect day!

How did the original 24 Kilates store start? When and why did you decide to open a another store in Bangkok?

I started 24 Kilates in 2005 with my partner Ricky. We used to work in the skateboard industry, selling and importing brands. We got tired of working for someone else and decided to open 24 Kilates, also offering Barcelona a new sneaker spot. All the other things came by traveling around and meeting the right people. This is also the way we met the guys from Patta.

We came up with the Bangkok store idea with our Bangkok business partner Natty. We met him through the Bangkok DJ scene a long time ago. He had a DJ school and a great studio. After a couple trips we fell in love with the country and people, so we decided that it would be our next destination.

What are the differences between the Asian and the European market?
The difference is huge, the trends in the Asian market are basically influenced by Japanese brands and trends. Brands that hardly have any recognition in Europe can have a big impact in Asia. The Thai market and people are a bit different, They are more interested in European product and trends. Thailand definitely has a big and growing streetwear scene at the moment.

Is the 24 Kilates Bangkok store an indicator for more international stores coming in the future?

We don’t want to get too crazy because opening a store in another country isn’t an easy task. For now we want to focus on Bangkok, Thailand. We are working on a new concept store that will open at the start of 2018.

Which music artists are you currently listening to and would you recommend to others?
We love all types of music. There are too many artists to name because we listen to everything, from jazz to Hip Hop, house, Rock & roll, new and old. You name it!

What is your best power piece at the moment?
We are mostly into cars. From Moto x Racing, Classic Moto, but also old school BMX bikes and we also collect arcade games.

What is your favourite graphic at the moment and why?

We support our friends!

What are the must-see destinations in Bangkok?

Bangkok is a huge city filled with vibrant places and little corners you can discover. There are thousands of place I could name, but I’ll recommend that you should discover them yourself. Thai people are very open and the food is always great.

If I had to recommend one place it would be Talat Rod Fai Market. It’s a great market with vintage furniture, quality vintage clothing, bars, restaurants, live music and a lot more. Surely a great destination to stop by when you are in Bangkok.

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