With WORKSOUT Seoul as the third stop of the Patta 2017 Asia Tour, we had a little chat with Sean about WORKSOUT and what to do in Seoul aside from to Gangnam...

Who are you, and where are you from?
My name is Sean Youngchul An, and I am the marketing director of WORKSOUT Seoul, South Korea.

What keeps you occupied on a daily basis?
I am doing all the marketing things for Worksout stores. Creating content for online exposure, arrange store events, visual merchandising and many things else.

When and how did Worksout come into existence?
I have been working at Worksout since April 2012. I applied for CS position, and was hired by Kang – the boss – after the interview (You can read the full history of WORKSOUT HERE.)

Alongside the flagship stores, Worksout also occupies itself with distribution. Is the distribution part of the company a bigger focus point for the future instead of opening more Worksout stores?
We don’t have plans to increase the number of stores at this time, however, there is one more new Worksout store opening in 2018. I can say that “YES”, the wholesale business is much bigger and important than the opening of more WORKSOUT stores for now.

Which music artists are you currently listening to and would you recommend others?
I am still listening to Kendrick’s latest album and Calvin Harris most recently. However, I love music from the 90’s and 2000’s, and Hip-Hop is most definitely my favorite. Actually, Nas is my favorite artist of all time, but I feel like recommending Camp Lo and Joey Badass also.

What is your best power piece at the moment?
I don’t know why, but I am buying pants a lot. Even this season, my best power pieces are my denims and sweatpants.

What is your favourite graphic at the moment and why?
I have liked the artwork of Mark Jenkins for a long time. He is an American artist and he creates weird things. His artworks usually do not reside in galleries or museums. He put his works in the streets or wherever he likes to show. He has no outline and no formality. His art is for everybody. Also, currently he works with Balenciaga. Maybe the website will help you to understanding

What are the must-see destinations in Seoul?
Let’s start with old school. Gyeongbokgung Palace should be the first destination for the tourist. And I suggest to visit N tower and Han River Park during daytime. After sunset, you must go to Itaewon for chill out. There are many clubs of final destination. 
Actually, Gangnam style is not only the must-see destination. ;)