For a hypnotic, slow-burning slice of sophisticated electropop, look no further than BEA's debut 5-track EP "Good Thinking" out October 21. Emerging seemingly out of nowhere in March 2014, her deliciously unsettling debut track "Breadwinner" and follow-up singles sounded like nothing else, receiving critical acclaim. The first visual offering bar the two incredible press shots which accompanied single, "Breadwinner" and "Safe Ground", comes in the form of the video for new single, "We're Like The Hard Born". A collaboration between BEA and Piet Langveld (who BEA first met at circus school as a child and then re-connected with eighteen months ago) the video is as striking as it is original, filmed entirely by BEA on a selfie stick whilst covered in dry ice and intermittently interrupted by a CGI labrador.

While BEA's musical influences hark back to the Bristol music scene of the 90s (the spectre of Massive Attack, Tricky and Portishead all hover over the songs), she was actually born in Amsterdam, her only link to England being that her parents were both born in Cornwall. Frustrated with the Amsterdam music scene after finishing high school, BEA started writing, recording and posting online brand new songs over instrumentals of artists she liked which is what brought her the attention of producer Tim Van Berkestijn whom she worked with on this debut EP. Fully independent, wantonly artful and utterly in control of her music and how it's to be presented, BEA feels like a breath of fresh air in a music industry saturated by the familiar.

Safe Ground
Filthy Believer
We're Like The Hard Born

Cop "Good Thinking" HERE.

In addition, BEA is scheduled to perform (for free!) at Paradiso November 4. Put yourself on the guestlist by clicking 'attend' HERE and bring along a friend.

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