Beesmunt x WESC

Beesmunt Soundsystem is the moniker of the House DJ and producer duo David van der Leeuw and Luigi Vittorio Jansen who literally started their career in the Amsterdam basement of Luigi’s family home. Their exhilarating and energetic DJ style took them from basement to (DJ)booth in no time and by 2012 Beesmunt Soundsystem has played every main venue and festival in the Netherlands. Gigs in France, Germany, Belgium, Turkey and Switzerland have also followed suit and Beesmunt just released their debut EP "Circulation" on Soweso Music.

No wonder that when Amsterdam’s favorite superlative conspiricists WeSC were looking for a new partner to feature their headphones series, they immediately had their sights set on the Beesmunt boys. Both of them have been close to WeSC ever since they started playing, so this collaboration, makes the whole thing come full circle. But as evident this all may seem, it is well worth mentioning that Beesmunt Soundsystem are the first Dutch artists to work with WeSC Amsterdam on their headphone series. The limited edition headphones will be out on March 31st and will feature the newly designed Beesmunt Soundsystem logo. The official release party takes place 31st of March at BOWERY in Jimmy Woo.

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