Bonne Suits is coming to Berlin. The first Bonne Suits they made were promoted in a simple grassroots manner: They took a photograph with suited up friends in front of Bonne's house. This picture they sent to everybody they knew, inviting them over to feel, try and hopefully purchase a suit of their own. It was a big success, almost selling out of all suits in this one day living room sale, giving them the energy and spirit to get Bonne Suits going. From this moment on, they aimed to use this way of selling all over the world, preferring the very personal approach. Bonne Suits has now teamed up with Indie Magazine for a pop-up store at Indie Magazine's Berlin headquarters on Saturday November 19. The pop-up location will offer the latest Bonne Suits line, including the velvet suits. A restock of the blue, white and pistache suits will also be in stock.

19 November 2016

Oranienstrasse 185

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