Boxpark NDSM


UK interior/retail designer Brinkworth has been working on a temporary retailcenter made of shipping containers in Amsterdam for pop-up mall company Boxpark.

The development at the NDSM shipyard in Amsterdam Noord's port area, will be Boxpark’s second container mall, following the opening of its Shoreditch, London location last December.

Boxpark NDSM will feature 120 containers on two levels and sheltered under the high roof of the shipyard’s vast, disused Lasloods building, which originally held entire ships while final welding and fitting was carried out.

The new units will house independent shops, bars, restaurants and galleries while open areas within the Lasloods building will be used for events.

Boxpark NDSM will be situated at the TT. Neveritaweg 15 in Amsterdam Noord, and is scheduled to open sometime in 2013.

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