During the summer of 2016, Paris-based motion design studio created and directed a video about unsatisfying situations: the frustrating, annoying, disappointing little things of everyday life, that are so painful to live or even to watch. They quickly realized that there are a lot of other situations that would be fun to see animated, so they decided to run an animation challenge around this idea. Watch their original video below and join the Unsatisfying Challenge HERE


    In 2011, Red Bull Studios London released volume 1 of their Red Bull Studios Mixtape-series featuring an established producer taking on a mentor position to work with talented producers from the UK. The Red Bull Studios Mixtape will now return for a fourth time, with Patta Soundsystem’s own Deejay Abstract as curator in collaboration with Otterbox taking over the baton from Shadow Child and Red Bull Studios London. With his finger firmly on the pulse of the electronic and Hip-Hop music scenes, Dutch Red Bull Thre3style winner Abstract has guided young producer talents from all corners of the Netherlands to put their respective sounds on the map. With a mysterious message on Facebook, Deejay Abstract started his quest to find 9 young producer talents for the mixtape. With over 150 applications, the selection procedure wasn't an easy task, but Abstract managed to select 9 producers from various parts in The Netherlands to join him in the studio and help shape the Red Bull Studios Mixtape Vol. 4. Featured producers include Anik, DJ Hyperlink, Jeftuz, KnowVA, L33, Melle Jutte, Michael Miller, Singularis and Timo Naomi. After exclusively previewing Timo Naomi's “Hey Now”, Red Bull Studios and Abstract now proudly present the Red Bull Studios Mixtape Vol. 4. Listen in full below.


    N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN sat down with Tru Life for this #ThirstyThursday episode now out on video. The guys discuss Tru Life's come up, working with Future, Dungeon Family, Snoop Dogg, Nas, Jay Z, and his new endeavors following his recent coming home. Also check the latest episode with DJ Clue and Grafh HERE.


    Danny Boyle's cult movie from 1996 has received the sequel treatment featuring the original cast, 20 years later. Sorrow, loss, joy, vengeance, hatred, friendship, love, longing, fear, regret, diamorphine, self-destruction and mortal danger, they are all lined up to welcome Mark Renton (Ewan McGregor), ready to join the dance. Watch the first official trailer below.


    The Barbican is one of the most remarkable housing estates in the world. Designed during the 1960s and the 1970s in the city of London by British firm Chamberlin, Powell & Bon, and commissioned by the local authority, it is a unique chapter in the story of state-led architecture. Anton Rodriguez is a professional photographer and Barbican resident who has combined his passion for both in a photographic publication. Featuring more than 22 Barbican residents and residences, Anton’s work shines a light on the incredible interiors and creative people who live in the iconic Brutalist estate. The book also features an essay by design writer Katie Treggiden, looking at the history of the site and exploring why there is such an interest in seeing ‘behind the scenes’. Check out the book HERE.



    For our latest collaboration, we have teamed up with Alpha Industries to create a unique N-3B parka. The durable cold weather parka features a nylon outer shell with reinforced elbow patches, a full-length storm flap with Patta x Alpha industries embroidery detail and inset knit cuffs for durability and protection against the elements. The N-3B parka's outer shell and fiber fill interlining ensures that no cold air seeps in. The hood is lined and trimmed with 100% sheep fur (detachable), complete with adjustable draw cord/take-up strap. The parka is finished off with branded lining, a large tonal Patta embroidery on the back, custom engraved buttons and the iconic flight tag on the sleeve pocket. Available in black and maroon.



    The forthcoming edition of MuseumN8 on November 5th will have more participating locations in Amsterdam Southeast than ever! This includes CBK Zuidoost, Museum Vrolik at the AMC, Heesterveld Creative Community, and Garage Kempering as part of HCC. The 4 Southeast locations will be interconnected with the city centre's Museum Square for the duration of MuseumN8 (between 19:00-02:00) via two special N8bus City services which will free of charge for MuseumN8 ticketholders. Programming looks as follows:



    Publisher Das Mag in collaboration with Top Notch present the photobook ‘De Amsterdammers’ by Maarten van der Kamp. The book is accompanied with an essay from the renown Mexican writer Valeria Luiselli. Maarten van der Kamp started as a writer for Trouw. After a failed career as novelist, a short lived modelling stint, paired with alcohol abuse, he wound up homeless and dedicated himself to street photography. van der Kamp would spend 8 hours a day, 5 days a week roaming the streets with his analog Leica in hand to capture things of interest, documenting life in Amsterdam today. On November 4th, his book ‘De Amsterdammers’ will be presented at his exhibition in Vriend van Bavink where all 150 photographs from the series will be on display until November 19th. On the opening night, all 150 images will be available for sale, alongside the book itself.



    Before the Flood, directed by Fisher Stevens, captures a three-year personal journey alongside Academy Award-winning actor and U.N. Messenger of Peace Leonardo DiCaprio as he interviews individuals from every facet of society in both developing and developed nations who provide unique, impassioned and pragmatic views on what must be done today and in the future to prevent catastrophic disruption of life on our planet.


    The thought-provoking documentary Class Divide is a timely look at the widening divide between the “haves” and “have nots.” Young people on both sides of the gap offer unique and honest insights that challenge common perceptions about inequality today. Director Marc Levin explores the effects of hyper-gentrification and rising economic disparity in New York's Chelsea neighborhood, which can be seen as a microcosm of the socioeconomic imbalances across the country, and the world. The film bears witness to the profound effects of gentrification and stagnant class mobility on young people who share a West Chelsea community, yet live in very different worlds, as they try to navigate this rapidly changing landscape.


    The #SSS crew is back at it in support of Patta Winter 2016, highlighting selected items from the full FW 2016 collection. For this editorial art directed by #SSS alumni Violette Esmeralda and Ace Dia, Halal's Sophie van der Perre manned the camera to deliver a vibrant set of images. The Patta Winter 2016 collection will be available online and in store at Patta Amsterdam & Patta London this Thursday, November 3rd, and also roll out at official Patta retailers worldwide in the coming weeks.



    The unique taste and tenderness of highly marbled Wagyu beef makes for an unrivalled eating experience. That is why Wagyu beef is finding its way into the repertoires of cooks and fine restaurants across the world. But not all the wagyu you’ll see is Japanese – in fact, only a small proportion is. Get familiar with its origins.

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