Chaz B x Converse 1970's Chuck Taylor HI

The latest release from Converse is in collaboration with OG Cholo graffiti artist Chaz Bojorquez. During the 70's, Chaz focused on creating a political art statement, an expression of his identity and his connection with the Chicano movement.

His now-iconic Señor Suerte image, which references the Chicano Day of the Dead, the 1970’s film Superfly, and the Zig-Zag man, garnered such a powerful response from people (particularly Chicano gang culture) that thousands of people have Senor Suerte tattooed on their bodies today.

Chaz continued studying art and took a class in Oriental calligraphy at the Pasadena Pacific Asia Museum under Yun Chung Chiang, himself a student of Mr. Pu Ju, brother of the last emperor of China. He integrated the aesthetics and themes Asian calligraphy with the traditions of Cholo graffiti culture to create his own unique style.

In 1978 Chaz's work started to shift from painting on the streets to painting graffiti on canvas, as he started to feel the need to spend more time on individual pieces, to have longer conversations with the art he was creating. It was around this time that Chaz spent three years traveling the world, studying the graffiti, art and cultures of other countries.

Today, Chaz has been written about nationally and internationally, from television to magazine interviews. His work is shown in local underground events to the most prestigious art galleries and museums. No matter where his art is shown, Chaz's heart belongs to graffiti.

Chaz has refined some of the detailing of the Chuck Taylor 1970s, created in ultra resilient duck canvas and premium nubuck. The tongue carries his signature Señor Suerte skull, while the interior is lined with various graphics. He also added his own unique take on top eyelets, heel cap construction and vintage weave laces, all coming together in a very fitting black colourway.

The Chaz B x Converse 1970's Chuck Taylor HI will be available at Patta on Friday June 28.

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