Converse Benelux announces the launch of CLASH WALL AMSTERDAM – a project where a collective of eight artists unite their distinctive styles to transform a traditional canal house into a massive work of art. Through an engaging activation, fans of Converse were encouraged to get creative and submit inspirational tweets for the artists to work into their creations.

The eight artists - Does, Karski, Onno Poiesz, Rutger Termolen, Sober Industries, Telmo Miel, Zedz and Zender - came together from different cities and took over the five-storey building for nine consecutive days, clashing graffiti, ceramics, typography and sculpture to create a collaborative story that links every floor of the house. The challenge given by Converse was to unleash their creativity and use their most visceral work to add a splash of colour to a grey world.

To see the artwork the artists created on this once in a lifetime canvas, Converse is opening up the house to the public from 4-8pm on Friday 2nd May and from 12-6pm on 3rd and 4th May.


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