To have the iconic All Star and Pro Leather as your siblings makes it tough to stand out. However, Converse’s One Star proved itself versatile and popular throughout footwear history.

What started as a shoe dedicated and designed for basketball, they traversed from the court to the streets, and in turn, were adopted into popular culture. It all dates back to the late 50s when the first All Star Ox hit the stores, an evolved version of the early canvas hi tops, the go-to shoe for serious players. As basketball progressed, so did the need for the accompanying footwear. Premium materials such as suede and leather were now applied to provide more support and durability, resulting in the All Star Leather, the blueprint for the One Star.

Launched in the 70s, the One Star stood out with its contemporary upper design and strong single star branding. The original One Star came in multiple suede colorways, making them great to match with team jerseys, as well as to style them with casual outfits. Due to rapid technological advancements in footwear and the signing of Julius "Dr. J" Irving (which lead to his signature Pro Leather model), the One Star phased out after a few years on the scene.

Enter the late 80s/early 90s. While most brands were now producing modern, technologically advanced silhouettes, a counter demand started forming among collectors, skateboarders, and artists with a cultish interest for nostalgia and vintage models. Many store shelves, sales racks and basements in The Netherlands and worldwide were comprehensively combed out for deadstock finds.

This wave prompted Converse to reissue the classic One Star in 1993 not for sports, but as a lifestyle shoe, powered by notable figures such as Nirvana's Kurt Cobain and professional skateboarder Guy Mariano. With its place in popular culture solidified, infuential streetwear brands such as Number (N)ine, Fragment Design and Stussy reinforced its classic status with their own sought after interpretations throughout the years.

Patta has partnered with Converse to present a series of curated projects and events celebrating the iconic One Star. First in line is the Amsterdam-based tattoo artist collective Order. Order combines the traditional art of inking and Americana culture with elements from the contemporary world, creating a fitting environment set to take place at De School to bring the One Star experience to life. Stay locked for more information coming soon!