Mutual respect and constant craftsmanship meet. From team players to the anti-authority icons that wore them to destruction, the Converse All Star 70 and One Star 74 embody a collection of cultures that shaped streetwear.

For the latest collaboration with the pioneering Neighborhood brand, familiar masterpieces of Americana are channeled through Tokyo’s attention to detail and uniquely undistilled vision. Local goes global, with hardcore’s do-it-yourself visual language and motorcycle-powered resilience driving a duo of reworked classics.

Two cult favorites unite to craft a seminal silhouette with pride. The Converse One Star 74 began life as a suede upgrade of the bestselling All Star back in the early 1970s that stripped the familiar ankle patch to a single cutaway star. Rediscovered by collectors and connoisseurs the following decade, it was reissued in the early 1990s, taking on the One Star title to become the unofficial shoe of the era.

Neighborhood founder Shinsuke Takizawa was bringing his vision to life back when the One Star was making frequent footprints across several scenes. Starting the Harajuku-based brand in 1994 as a DIY reaction to the fits, quality and function of classic motorcycle apparel and rugged replica clothing, Takizawa created obsessively detailed designs that are contemporary masterpieces. Forming part of Tokyo’s globally influential ‘Ura-Hara’ street fashion movement, Americana — from military to workwear to defiantly anti-authority attire — informs much of their prolific output.

As part of the latest Converse and Neighborhood project, the simplicity of the One Star has been revisited, with this unique edition’s familiar features amplified like never before. The hardcore-inspired script along the foxing tape and newly embellished star branding are loud and simple like the power chords that sound-tracked this silhouette in its second life.

Courted by every culture. Crafted with pride. The Converse All Star has taken several forms since it debuted a century ago, but some details have been a constant. In the 1970s, the Chuck Taylor was upgraded with a tougher canvas and a higher rubber that bolstered the classic shape. The Chuck Taylor All Star 70 homages that iconic era. This is the edition that stepped into a new wave of genre-defining scenes and stylistic moments that set the tempo for the decades that followed.

Chuck has been a longtime muse for the Neighborhood aesthetic, and this unique collaboration cranks up things conceptually. Celebrating that zero compromise approach, hardwearing material blends and a custom forefoot cover are engineered for durability with motorbikes in mind.

The Converse x Neighborhood Collection will be available at Patta's Amsterdam store on Thursday, April 6th. Remaining pairs will be offered online.

Patta has partnered with Converse to present a series of curated projects and events celebrating the iconic One Star. First in line is the Amsterdam-based tattoo artist collective Order. Order combines the traditional art of inking and Americana culture with elements from the contemporary world, creating a fitting environment set to take place at De School to bring the Converse x Neighborhood experience to life. Stay locked for more information coming soon!