Foam presents the work of photographer Daniëlle van Ark in the exhibition Artist’s Proof.

For Dutch artist Daniëlle van Ark (1974) photography is the most ephemeral of all media. With the development of steadily more advanced reproduction technologies, the expiration date of a photograph seems to diminish exponentially. Where the photograph was a unique and precious item in the nineteenth century, today everyone can record and reproduce memories at just a push of a button. But amidst the deluge of fleeting images produced and consumed every day, to what extent can something or someone still be truly immortalised?

Van Ark is interested in the opaque systems of value creation in an era where everything seems to have become reproducible. Scouring flea markets and online auction sites, she acquired antiquated image archives that formed the starting point for new work. No image was sacred in the process, and the rear side, the printer’s proof and the negative were considered just as significant as the final reproduction. Her own archive was subjected to the same scrutiny: works she produced in the past were deconstructed and reused with the same unscrupulous rigour.

Artists’ Proof contains works from Van Ark’s most recent series. Common premise is the volatile meaning and value of the photograph as a reproducible art form. In addition to her most recent work, the exhibition presents an installation created specifically for Foam’s exhibition rooms. The installation consists of ‘old’ work, which is ‘stored’ on depot carts and shelves in the museum. Her installation is a playful protest against the power of the curator to position her work in the public eye – or to withhold it from view.

The exhibition opens on Thursday 19 April 2018, in the presence of the artist. You are welcome from 5.30 pm onwards.

In support of the exhibition at FOAM van Ark made two new editions that are now up for sale. For the series ‘Contemporary Art’ (2016 – 2018) the artist has taken pages of art-auctionhouse catalogues and photographed them (analog) in front of a light box. In this way the artworks – by mostly well known artists – morph together as one ghostlike image and are not just their own representation anymore. The reproduction of the reproduction goes into a dialogue with these existing works and what they represent. The images question authorship, authenticity and status.

Thursday 19 April 2018
from 5.30pm

Keizersgracht 609
1017 DS Amsterdam
The Netherlands