With successful launches of virtual reality headsets recently, virtual reality and 3D technology finally seems to be the next big thing after many false starts throughout the years. Lately there has been a surge of music videos applying the new technology. Dawn Richard joins those ranks with her latest video for the Machinedrum-produced 'Not Above That', teaming up with directors DJ Turner and Monty Marsh to execute her vision, long time production partner Guerilla Filmworx for creative development & 2D production, and the esteemed VR Playhouse for all of the effects. The video transports viewers through a universe of vortexes, wormholes, exploding planets, asteroid fields and a stunning universe, back to a holographic Dawn singing in front of the spaceship’s dashboard, where she eventually joins in with the other dancers for an intergalactic performance. watch this via VR player or Google Chrome browser.

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