Producer Delic made his mark in the early 2000s as a member of the acclaimed Dutch rap group Opgezwolle. After a very successful run, he moved away from the spotlights, focusing his creativity on painting and music workshops. For Framed Beats, a specially curated exhibition hosted by Amsterdam Street Art and ADE Beats, Delic delivers the song and painting “The Oasis”. Framed Beats runs from October 20 – October 25, with works by renown rappers, beat makers, graffiti and street artists and others navigating both the music and the visual art world. More info HERE.

“A number of years ago, I made a painting, consisting of 3 pieces (triptych) in a period when the IRS, due to a variety of circumstances, had laid claim on all my possessions. A few years before this I'd become obsessed with painting and quit making music, which I'd done for many years and which had treated me quite well financially.

The three-pieced painting was called 'The Oasis', it depicted a city on a mountain and was my first triptych. But while painting 'The Oasis', music started calling to me again. And with a loud bark. There were naked violins in my dreams. I heard rhythms in the squeeks of wheels of shopping cart wheels. I had to make beats again. I was broke, however, and I had a mandatory payday with the IRS every month.

I received offers from labels in that period. Serious offers from serious men. I found this very interesting, but I had a burning desire to be free from any record label or executive for the future so I declined them all. I did have some serious money problems however and for reasons which now seem lost on me, I did not want to do anything in music again before I had my own studio running again.

And so I applied for a cleaning job.

And while cleaning classrooms and offices in deserted industrial areas, I streamed hypnotic tunes over my earbuds. And these tunes transformed me to strange and beautiful worlds.

And when those nights turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months and months turned into years I bought a computer and monitors and headphones, and before I knew it I was running a studio again.

And so I created the song 'The Oasis' years after I painted the painting 'The Oasis'. A song that comes from those long and tedious winter nights of cleaning linoleum floors and corporate toilet seats. Because in hindsight it was then and there that I discovered what I wanted to do with music because I had found its curing effects on me.

I just want to hypnotize the world with music the way it hypnotized me during those long winter nights of cleaning floors.”