Don't Worry, Everything is Going to be Amazing

Saša Ostoja is a 31 year old illustrator from Amsterdam, making a living out of what he loves to do the most. His work is characterised by an abundance of playfulness, colours and different shapes, all surrounded with a interesting dark edge. Saša describes his drawings as movie stills from his own movie, and he's the only one who knows where it began and how it will end. His work is a reflection on how he sees our modern society. Saša graduated as a fine arts painter from the Utrecht School of the Arts.

Saša is taking up residence in Gallery 33 with his entourage of beasts, wild animals, and furry miscreants to create a jungle menagerie in the Westergas ‘culture park.’

The art world can be a bewildering jungle or it can be a stroll in the park. We like to have our daily life turned upside down, the park turned into a jungle, and the jungle become a place of wonder, humour, inspiration and chaotic beauty. Saša Ostoja is just the artist needed for this task.

Embracing the nomen of ‘Naïve Art’ for his idiosyncratically stylized animals, Saša’s goal is to pull the rug from under our mechanized and ritualized lives and hold up a mirror decorated in flourishing and child-like fantasy; a mirror meant not only to reflect, but to reimagine. Attacking the page with his fountain pen and a pot of ink, he creates worlds in his illustrations that simultaneously evoke and challenge societal forms.

Saša will move in with works from his personal collection, both prints and original pieces, as well as some sculptures to populate and (though you wouldn’t know it at first glance) derange, disturb and delight you.

It is Saša’s first solo show and the gallery's first time exhibiting a local artist by themselves.

"Don't Worry, Everything is Going to be Amazing" runs from August 8th, 2014 till August 31th, 2014 at Gallery 33, Pazzanistraat 33, 1014 DB, Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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