2 years ago, Top Notch, publishing house Bas Lubberhuizen and Lecturis reissued Ed van der Elsken's iconic 'Amsterdam!' photography book. The book contains pictures of the people and architecture of Amsterdam of the 50s and 60s, all captured in Van der Elsken’s raw and genuine style. For this unique edition, more than 300 photographic negatives were scanned and edited by the Nederlands Fotomuseum (Dutch Photomuseum). The layout was done by the Anthon Beeke collective, who also took care of the make-up of its original edition. The book was reprinted in its original Dutch form and also, for the first time, in English. For this special occasion, Patta produced a limited edition set of shirts emblazoned with van der Elsken’s iconic photography and typography. The book sold out, but has now received a second print run for those who missed out. Get your copy HERE.


Ed van der Elsken is arguably one of the most important figures in the Dutch history of photography. The gifted photographer and filmmaker was active in the field for over 4 decades. After failing his finals at the school for photography, van der Elsken moved to Paris for a job in the darkrooms of the world renown photographic cooperative Magnum Photos, where he connected with influential photographers such as its founders Capa, Cartier-Bresson, and various other members. He then traveled extensively, documenting a broad range of people, places and things of interest in his own unique way.

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