Carrying on El Haloef tradition, we present this year's freebies, possibly for you and yours! As per usual El Haloef rules, none of these items will be available for purchase anywhere. So in addition to a free party, fresh music and live performances, a lucky few El Haloef visitors having a really good time just might receive one of these items gifted at random, free of any charge.


To enhance your chances, we have also teamed up with Vic Crezée and Stussy for a special El Haloef t-shirt. Same rules apply: not for sale, play nice and thou might receive!



Due to the unfortunate weather forecast, we took precautions and will move the event inside the Tolhuistuin venue. Please keep in mind that capacity therefore is limited, so be on time. See you tomorrow!

Photography: Dennis Branko
Models: Soraib, Cassius, Mairo

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