SUMMER 17 is a selection of photographs by Yamandu Roos, taken during the summer of 2017 in The Netherlands. Collected in a book, paired with an event, END OF SUMMER 17 is the perfect closing of the summer.

The photography, the proces of altering the images and the printing/publishing of the book by The Future all took place this summer. The book will be released on the last day of the summer: September 22nd with an exhibition and music event at SEXYLAND. In a time where Hip-Hop is dominating the soundwaves to the young generation, Mr. Wix, SP and Vic Crezée will be taking you back to an era that made them fall in love with it: 80’s & 90’s Rap.

22 September
Doors: 21:00-03:00
Damage: €7,50 INCL.
Sounds: Mr. Wix, SP and Vic Crezée

Limited amount of books available €40,00 (cash only)