This summer, designer/researcher Elisa van Joolen will be exhibiting her latest series of apparel entitled One-to-One (R. Mariz) at Patta and Zeedijk 60.

For this edition, Joolen has worked with four Dutch streetwear brands: Patta, Bonne Suits, On Tour and By Parra. These four different brands have one thing in common: Items from their collections are (or were) produced at the same factory in Portugal by Rui Mariz.

The four brands offered a selection of apparel at Joolen's disposal, which she utilized as printing tools. A clothing piece applied with ink is used a "stamp" and pressed onto another piece of clothing, creating one original piece with a literal copy of another, resulting in a chain of uniquely printed items.

The print results are very sharp, offering a new perspective on the original, as well as revealing various details such as seams, fabric structure and size of the article.

With this series, Joolen offers a refreshing point of view regarding clothing and brand identity: Where does it start or end? The reworked pieces display less of a brand image and more of an objective representation of clothing - similar to an x-ray scan; a very precise registration.

Elisa van Joolen: “Copying is regarded as something negative within the fashion industry. With One-to-One I want to propose new, positive ways of reproducing and create a dialog. In this series I placed the clothing manufacturer at the center, an important link in fashion which is rarely spoken of. Some of the apparel from the brands are produced here, so in a material sense they are family. With the applied techniques in One-to-One, both the differences as well as similarities from the four brands become clearly visible.

The exhibition in Amsterdam is the third presentation of One-to-One. Following up on an exposition at the Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam) and a gallery presentation at The Hole (New York), this new series of One-to-One will be presented in retail environments at Patta and Zeedijk 60. The unique pieces will be on view, as well as for sale at both locations.

Part of the series is also scheduled to be displayed at the "Change" exhibition in Museum Boijmans van Beuningen this coming fall.

One-to-One is part of 11”x17”, a continuous examination that inquires prevailing systems of value and explores new production methods.

Elisa van Joolen

Elisa van Joolen (1983) is a designer and researcher from Amsterdam. She graduated in 2006 at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie and received her master MFA Fashion Design and Society at Parsons New York. Her works were awarded with the Han Nefkens Award (2016) and the Fulbright award (2010), nominated for the New Material Award (2014) and Dutch Design Award (2013). Her work has been exhibited internationally both in art and fashion context; including OCAT Art Terminal Shenzhen, Museum fur Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, New York Fashion Week and West Bund Art Center in Shanghai.

One-to-One (R. Mariz)
Thursday June 29 – Sunday July 2, 2017
Opening Thursday June 29, 17:00 - 21:00
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