Grimeyard is the new radioshow on Juize/Slam FM dedicated to the world of grime. If you don't know Grimeyard by now, you need to reconnect your wifi. We had a little talk with Akwasi, front man of Zwart Licht and one of the founders of Grimeyard.

What is Grimeyard and how did it start?
Grimeyard is from the ends. No matter where you go in the world, there will be ends. All of us started in the Dutch ends, therefore we decided to join forces and bring grime to our yard. And that's how Grimeyard was born. We didn't feel like there was any representation or reflection of us on Dutch radio, so we decided to go to Hilversum, where all the big radio and tv channels are, and pitched Grimeyard. It's all love. Holland needs this. Besides, the time is now. So why wait? we just took initiative and here we are. The best thing is dat we made this our new home, our new yard.. Grimeyard.

Where do you see it headed to in the future?
For now the focus is our weekly grime show on Juize FM/Slam FM. Let us do this for one uninterrupted year before we start thinking about bigger things. I don't want to speak before my turn, but we are striving for a better connection between Holland and the UK. Grimeyard needs to be on top. I'm talking Grimeyard Airlines, let this be a self-fulfilling prophecy.

How can you define Grimeyard?
Right now, Grimeyard is the most dirtiest, grittiest, purest and honest radioshow on the air in Holland. We're not on a joke thing. We just want to put our passion and heart into this. Grime is alive.

Who do you expect to connect with with Grimeyard?
Grimelovers in general, everybody who's down with Zwart Licht, Patta crewneck wearers, World citizens, professional murkers, hipster, future mother, upcoming producers, baby daddies, hoods, tourists and everybody else. As long as it's with love, we will show our gratitude.

Tune in live to Grimeyard every Tuesday on Juice FM, and listen to past shows on their Soundcloud.


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