Recently the Amsterdam based brunch/restaurant "G's" teamed up with Patta to create a special Patta burger. We had a little chat with one of the owners, Rens van Mackelenbergh about the origin of G's and the Patta burger.

What is G's and how did it come about?
G's used to be G&T’s, founded by George and Tanya in Amsterdam West on the Goudbloemstraat. After Tanya left, I joined George in February 2013 and worked out a new concept and idea called G's aka “A Very Nice place”. G's is a place where u can hang and chill with friends, eat good food, and especially drink Bloody Mary’s.

What sets G's apart from other places?
From the beginning, the idea was to a create place where we would want to hang out ourselves. Not so many rules or hassle, you come in and enjoy good food, hang, change the music, play games, get drunk and do whatever you like. But the biggest thing that we missed in Amsterdam were Bloody Mary’s so we added 7 different types to the menu, and they are all amazing in their own way.

What is the affiliation between G's and Patta? And why a Patta burger?
I have known Gee and Edson for about 4-5 years now. First from more of a work point of view, because I also work for Nike, but over time they have grown to be real friends. When we started with G's I thought it would be cool to do something special with Patta and I talked to Gee and Edson about adding a burger to the menu, and so the Patta Burger was born. The Patta burger is a classic beef burger with Pulled pork, tomato, avocado, pickles, and triple hot sauce. A while ago Edson went to London and came back with tales of a waffle burger, so we are going to make that one too, and for their muslim brothers there is a chicken burger coming, bringing the total to 3.

G's is located at:
Goudbloemstraat 91, in Amsterdam West and at Linnaeusstraat 88



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