Gary was a supporter of real people, a supporter of real culture, and everything that he felt passionate about. From obscure b-side tracks to unreleased 90s footwear, from homemade zines to local street art. You name it, and he would probably either know a thing or two about it, or be eager to learn more.

In the early 2000s the whole Spine and Crooked Tongues movement was in full effect. Gary would write thoroughly researched articles, frequent the forums, share knowledge, form friendships, and shit on wackness. But if he thought something was dope, he would never hesitate to let you know that as well. Either work-related or just shooting the breeze, he would always have something to complain about in a constructive and hilarious manner. But plenty of praise, admiration and obsession too, as witnessed on his excellent blog, where he would passionately write about anything relevant to his broad range of interests, resulting in his expertise often being called upon by the biggest brands and companies.

We, and many of our peers, have been fortunate enough to connect with such a unique, genuine and talented individual like Gary Warnett. Thank you for your continuous support and more importantly, what you have contributed to the culture. Rest in peace Gary, you will be missed.