Tokyo-based artist Hajime Sorayama is known worldwide for his imaginative and highly accomplished paintings of beautiful women. Using brush, pencil and acrylic paint, airbrushing only finishing details, he creates memorable images in a hyper-realistic style. He is often referred to as the contemporary Vargas by those familiar with his pin-up style works, and is respected by artists and illustrators for his perfect technique. In retrospect, Sorayama's work has been remarkably prescient. Beginning in the 1970's and evolving into the 21st century, the futuristic aura of the robotic, mythic and fantastical figures in his art have always been ahead of their time.

Sexy Robot by Hajime Sorayama, Mori Art Museum, Tokyo, 2016
Hajime Sorayama, Sexy Robot, 2016, Courtesy: NANZUKA, Photo: Masta Lee

One of his most famous works is the three-dimensional piece "Sexy Robot" (Fembot Mechanoids), currently on display at the Universe and Art exhibition in Tokyo's Mori Art Museum alongside works by Andreas Gursky, Jules de Balincourt, Leonardo Da Vinci, Tom Sachs, Wolfgang Tillmans and more. More about Sorayama and the Universe and Art exhibition HERE.

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