Home & Away - Cultural Art Exchange - Andenken Gallery Recap

Over the weekend of May 17th - 26th the Andenken Gallery, Amsterdam was home to two Artist who use their skill and passion for photography to produce contrasting but equally striking work.

The Adidas event showcased the widely published photography of Lisa Leone, who's behind-the-scenes insight into the Hip-Hop world of the eighties and nineties displays intimate moments into the lives of some of the scene's biggest names including Grand Master Flash, Nas and The Notourious B.I.G.

The Gallery's upper level was taken over by the Los Angeles Artist Hassan Rahim whose slightly more alarming collage photography made the most of mixed media to create strong contextual pieces depicting vague childhood memories and adolescent fantasies.

Lisa Leone caught up with team Patta while in Amsterdam and we conducted an exclusive interview which can be heard soon on the next 'Broken English' radioshow!

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