In God We Trust

Ultra de la Rue is proud to present In God We Trust, a solo exhibition by Farida Sedoc. In God we Trust welcomes you to step into the world of one of Amsterdams most prolific artists, showcasing her innovative take on textile art and street culture. Farida uses photography and graphic design to translate her stories about identity into iconic textile and tshirt design.

The Hosselaer textile studio founded by Farida Sedoc has long been a household name in Amsterdam with designs that have a strong connection with the city. For the In God we Trust expo Farida will explore this notion as it is portrayed on the US dollar and its relation to the financial crisis.

In God We Trust by Farida Sedoc
Opening Reception: Saturday July 6th, 16u - 21u
July 6th - August 10th, 2013
Ultra de la Rue Gallery, Oudekerksplein 30, Amsterdam

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