The critically acclaimed Dutch book designer Irma Boom has created more than 300 books in her career thusfar, housed in collections worldwide from the Centre Pompidou in Paris to MoMA in New York and the Art Institute in Chicago. She's received various prestigeous awards, including the Gutenberg Prize, the Dutch State Prize for the Arts, and the Johannes Vermeer Prize for her ‘unparallelled achievements in the field of graphic design’.


Following the opening of the 'Cuyperspassage' at Amsterdam's Central Station where Boom designed a 110-metre tile wall covering the pedestrian and cycling tunnel, she is now attracting further attention in our hometown at Slewe Gallery. For over 2 decades, Boom has been working with gallerist Martita Slewe, creating the gallery's identity and designing most of its catalogues, as well as a book published in 2004 to mark its 10-year anniversary. Now, the gallery has staged an exhibition for Boom herself, entitled 'Under Cover'; and the designer has been invited to curate the show herself. ‘Over the years, Irma slowly moved into a position of an artist,' says Slewe. 'She is now moving between the boundaries of art and design; a very interesting position.’

The exhibition of Boom shows a selection of specific books designed by herself along with a selection of books she considers crucial in the history of bookmaking. On the occasion of the exhibition Boom has designed a multiple (book), entitled Hommage à Kelly. It is published in a limited edition of 99 copies, each numbered and signed.

'Irma Boom, Under Cover' is now open and runs from March 12 until 16 April 2016.

Slewe Gallery
Kerkstraat 105-A
1017 GD Amsterdam
The Netherlands
[email protected]

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