It's From the Sole is an non-profit organization founded by Andre McDonnell, they give sneakers to homeless people with no or bad shoes in street of New York. It started off after an initiative of Andre when he was playing basketball and gave his shoes to a homeless person with no shoes on the side of the court.
Relying on donations and gifts, McDonnell and three volunteers makes rounds at Port Authority, New York Penn Station and Grand Central Terminal giving away 20-30 pairs each run. “This is the city with the biggest sneaker culture in the world. We have an abundance of sneakers here. There’s 60,000 homeless people in New York City. What we want to do is use sneakers to help,” says McDonnell.

You can donate your sneakers and they will clean an fix them for the people there giving it to. After they deliver the shoes you get a picture of the person that got your shoes. You can donate your shoes and get more info about the project here.

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