Jamel Shabazz: Represent

© Jamel Shabazz, from the series '1980′s', 'Untitled', 20cm x 29,5cm, Custom C print on paper.

On Friday March 1st, gallery Cultural Speech is opening the retrospective exhibition 'Represent' by the legendary New York photographer Jamel Shabazz. This marks the first time Jamel is exhibiting his work in The Netherlands.
'Represent' offers insight in Shabazz' photographic works in which he registered the dynamic street life of Brooklyn from the 80's until now. His various subjects include hookers, criminals, pimps, struggling rappers, schoolgirls, all depicting the tough streets of Brooklyn. At the same time, Shabazz also shows the strong and beautiful side of people. Jamel Shabazz (who will be in attendance) and his works represent an era, solidifying him as an icon in the field of street photography.

'Represent' by Jamel Shabazz
Friday March 1 17.00-19:00

Gallery Cultural Speech
Postjesweg 6-8
1057 EA Amsterdam
the Netherlands


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