SUB.Culture delves into the Jersey Club movement, presenting a 3-part series breaking down the elements that make Jersey Club music and culture so enthralling, as well as examine the early days of the budding genre.

The documentary takes it back to the streets of downtown Newark with seminal figures like DJ Tameil, Tim Dolla and Mike V who all joined forces to lay the first bricks that would serve as the future foundation for generations of young artists to build upon, helping to spread the Jersey Club phenomenon worldwide.

Leading second-generation producers like Jayhood, Mike Gip, Kayy Drizz, Nadus and Sliink pushed the sound in new and exciting directions, opening the doors to a worldwide audience, dwelling and inspiring far beyond New Jersey's borders. The documentary also explores the ramifications of this: when a local, grassroots music scene tips and becomes a full-blown global phenomenon. This international spread was supported through the help of club tastemakers like Sam Tiba, Sinjin Hawke, and DJ Slow, whose mentoring has pushed the careers of many local Jersey artists.

But it's also surfaced darker questions of cultural appropriation, as the sound has become rife with saturation. Regardless, no matter where the bed squeak is chopped up, or where the next generation of Jersey Club producers come from, the sound will always be tied back to its home: New Jersey.

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