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Patta in partnership with Dutch music label Top Notch proudly present the ’Rap N Glorie’ EP, a collaboration project with rapper Kempi and producer The Alchemist.

Raised in the disadvantaged part of Eindhoven, Kempi turned to music as an outlet for his street-life experiences. The 29-year-old has been in the rap game for over a decade now since he signed with Top Notch in 2006, building a consistent discography comprised of various mixtapes, EPs and two full length studio albums.

American artist and producer The Alchemist rose to prominence in the late 90s and never looked back. As one of Hip-Hop’s leading producers, Alchemist has worked with a wide range of music artists, as well as released critically acclaimed projects of his own.

As friends and fans of both artists, we explored a potential music collaboration between the pair, connecting Dutch language vocals with American beats to create an international sound. In the spring of 2015, Kempi and The Alchemist linked up at the Amsterdam-based Mooie Jongens recording studio for a whole week to create music.

From the material recorded during that week, the best tracks were selected to form the 4-track ’Rap N Glorie’ EP. In addition to vocals by Kempi and production by The Alchemist, the EP also features guest appearances by Willem (The Opposites) and Kempi’s younger brother and rapper Klemma. The 12” vinyl also contains The Alchemist’s instrumentals on the b-side.

To release this project, Patta designed two special shirts featuring Patta branding and subtle details throughout, and Kempi and Alchemist’s names emblazoned on the back. The ’Rap N Glorie’ 12” vinyl EP only comes with purchase of a limited edition shirt, and will not be sold separately.

Cover by Vincent van de Waal

The ’Rap N Glorie’ EP is scheduled to release on Saturday, April 2, with a special releaseparty on the same evening at BBQ in Bitterzoet.

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