"Styrofoam People" is the first single to the third studio album by Le Le. After some Party Time and the world’s first Instagram album 'Le Mikro Collection', Le Le is now 'Flapped Sadly in Our Faces'. They’re back with an, for the first time completely English spoken, body of work.

Just before summer they already released a 3 track EP entitled 'De 3' to prepare you for another slap around. Le Le once again takes you on a bizarre ride with their surreal view on the things as they are or as they are may as well be. The album is an Erotic Vacation with Styrofoam People, decorated with Animated Flowers For the Soul from Korea, best listened to while spending Nights in Bars or At the Healthclub (While Everybody’s Shaping!) This is Le Le, once again in the same formula but in a 2015 version, vocals by Faberyayo, productions by Rimer London and Parra and visuals/artwork by also Parra. 'Flapped Sadly in Our Faces' is now available now on iTunes

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