The very first blue jeans, invented by the Levi’s® brand in 1873, were made of shrink-to-fit denim. In the early 1890’s Levi Strauss issued the lot number 501 to their jeans, which would come to be known as a symbol for quality amongst its competitors.

For over 140 years the Levi Strauss brand has been working with shrink-to-fit fabrics on our 501’s, and while to colors, weights and shades of the fabric may have changed it remains a staple in the brands DNA.

The shrink-to-fit name is a reference back to a time when consumers would wash their jeans before they started to wear them to accommodate for the fabric shrinkage. To this day it is recommended that if you a planning on washing Shrink-to-Fit jeans you buy them with this in mind.

Today we have many different tips on how to make these jeans your own. First, you can opt for the old school technique: buy your true size in the waist and up a size in length, wear them in your bathtub and keep them on to dry. If you prefer machine washing, buy them two sizes up in length and waist, machine wash on warm, then air dry to achieve that classic, rigid feel. Lastly for purists, who like their denim unwashed, no need to size up. Buy them in your actual size. Hang them in the breeze and sun every now and again. This is entirely your call, these are your jeans.

The shrink-to-fit jeans for Patta have an elevated construction that includes higher stitches per inch for a sturdier, longer lasting jean, a real leather back patch, and the 2013 501 fit update which features a more tapered ankle opening.

The Levi’s 501 jeans (W28 – W36 / L32 – L34) will be available in three different finishes: Silver, Rigid and Modern Black at €80,00 each, set to be released in store at Patta on Saturday, the 31st of January.

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