26-year old Sean Malto started skating in the late 90's, and officially turned pro for Girl Skateboards in 2008. With memorable video parts, tons of magazine coverage, multiple contest victories, Malto's talent, commitment and focus has made him a respected skater by his peers and supporters. With a bright career ahead, all this came to an abrupt halt when he broke his ankle on a varial heelflip down a three-block.

Sidelined off and on since 2013, Malto has been pushing himself physically and mentally on his road to recovery. Every skateboarder knows it's all part of the journey, but for Malto it's also been an important turning point in his career as one of the most respected pros today. The Ty Evans-directed short doc "Malto" (filmed entirely on iPhone) chronicles a portion of his recovery and gives an in-depth look at Malto's journey back.

MALTO Behind the Scenes

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