Menno Kok - Tokens of Nostalgia 1999-2009


With his work, Menno creates a collection of signs and images in which random snapshots, personal experiences and cinematic stills seem to ignite and reinforce each other. Interweaving the arbitrary with the divinely beautiful. This database of analogue stills epitomizes Menno's flair for turning his surroundings into his personal poetry be it public domain, a hotel room or en-route. It is an intuitive urge to collect that drives Menno to take these tokens of nostalgia with him.

On Friday November 4, 2011, Wearevoid will officially open her doors to celebrate this occasion we would love to invite you to our opening night. Starting at 18:00 till 23:00. Music by the kids of Boston Strip and drinks are on Heineken and Jack Daniel's. Be part of the difference. We are the new art/design agency, Organizer, exhibitor and sales promotor with a twist exclamation mark.

Friday, November 4
18:00 - 23:00
Ferdinand Bolstraat 145

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