The forthcoming edition of MuseumN8 on November 5th will have more participating locations in Amsterdam Southeast than ever! This includes CBK Zuidoost, Museum Vrolik at the AMC, Heesterveld Creative Community, and Garage Kempering as part of HCC. The 4 Southeast locations will be interconnected with the city centre's Museum Square for the duration of MuseumN8 (between 19:00-02:00) via two special N8bus City services which will free of charge for MuseumN8 ticketholders. Programming looks as follows:

CBK Zuidoost

CBK Zuidoost will host artist Yasser Ballemans who will create a fire sculpture on location, accompanied by a music program provided by Furthermore, the CBK will also showcase a group exhibition featuring participants from the Artist in Residence program in collaboration with the Heesterveld Creative Community. One of the participants is acclaimed artist and writer Jan Hoek.


Heesterveld Creative Community Heesterveld is one of the most creative places coming up in Amsterdam. Its community houses and brings together writers, rappers, poets and artists from various disciplines. During MuseumN8 they will open up their workspaces for public and display exhibitions and performances in the courtyard. Sao Paolo-based artists Onio and Sosek will unveil their latest graffiti and pixaçao-inspired work. Alya Hessy will explore the borders between fabric and body in her performance "Red Thread", and Manuel Rodrigues will showcase his image mapping project on the building itself, combining visuals and sound.

StreetsoftheWorld_jeroenswolfs_cuba 2

Parkeergarage Kempering will be the stage for the Streets of the World photography exhibition. For this ambitious project, photographer Jeroen Swolfs has travelled for 7 years to document a streetscape in every major capital of the world. By framing every single image with the horizon dead centre. The series create a unique period piece containing nearly 200 unique images, which also provide a coherent view of the world today. This unique exhibition will be extended afterwards at the forthcoming World Press Photo exposition at the Nieuwe Kerk.

Museum Vrolik is located inside the AMC (Academic Medical Center) in Southeast and houses a collection of more than 10.000 anatomical preparations. Visitors can partake in a guided tour in the dark, explore the collection with a flashlight and learn about preparation and conservation.

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