In line with the Air Span II re-release we had a little chat with Chanica aka Shoenica about her recollection of the first Air Span release.

Who are you, and where are you from?
My name is Chanica, 27 years old from Amsterdam.

What keeps you occupied on a daily basis?
I recently opened my own sneaker consignment shop, that has been keeping me busy at the moment. Besides that, I'm a air max collector so I'm hunting the internet all day and I'm also still studying.

What was your first memory of seeing the Air Span?

A friend of my dad had a pair who was always wearing them but I didn't really cared about them cause they had no visible air unit. When I was older and started collecting a friend of mine, who is a vintage collector, showed me his OG Span II pairs. His love and excitement for the model infected me and I started to really appreciate them. Especially because of their shape, colors and comfort.

The Air Span released in 1989, shortly followed by the Air Span II in 1990 & 1991. How do you think this shoe differentiated from an Airmax 1, '90 or Epic?
Obviously it didn't have the visible air unit like the Air Max 1s and 90s but also the colorways were different & they were more affordable. They look a bit more structured for me than the am1, am90 or Epics. Also those models didn't have the nylon upper like the Spans and their silhouettes are a bit more bulky. For me this is my favorite Nike model without a visible air unit, its a classic and I'm happy with the upcoming retro's!

Did this shoe represent the style of that particular time?
I'm not sure.. Most of the people were more about visible air units like the Air Maxes and Stabs. I think it was more a dope shoe to work out as a fashion item.