In line with the upcoming Air Span II re-release we had a little chat with MC and Manager, Mohamed Ghabri.

Who are you, and where are you from?
Mohamed Ghabri, born and raised in Amsterdam.

What keeps you occupied on a daily basis?
I run a small Agency (Mo Manager) focussing on bookings and management for DJ's and producers.

What was your first memory of seeing the Air Span?
Well to be honest my first memory of seeing the Air Span was around '90 '/ 91.
It was the Air Span II my cousin Rachid had a pair which he rocked with a light blue Ausi tracksuit. When you're young you always look up to your older cousins and at that time that was like top of the fucking bill in Bos & Lommer. An Australian + Air Span or Air Max it didn't get any better!

The Air Span released in 1989, shortly followed by the Air Span II in 1990 & 1991. How do you think this shoe differentiated from an Airmax 1, '90 or Epic?

Air Max was madness, something from another planet. You could look through the shoe, you could see the actual Air doing its thing. That shit was crazy. But the Air Span stayed more in line with the classic runners and therefore it was more delicate and elegant.

Did this shoe represent the style of that particular time?
Looking back I can only say that it did represent the style of that time but not that time only since its a timeless model. So in a way it was ahead of its time too. Some of the OG colorways are still around and the silhouette is so strong it never outdates.