In the run up to the second instalment of the ongoing Patta x Dana Lixenberg signature series, we'll go a little in depth on the subjects in the images we have selected.

Noam Chomsky is a famed scholar, known for both his groundbreaking contributions to linguistics and the penetrating critiques of the US foreign policy he articulates. Despite his often controversial viewpoints, Chomsky remains a highly respected and sought-after thinker who continues to author new books and contribute to a wide variety of journals and remains active on the lecture circuit. Over the course of his career, Chomsky has also amassed a wealth of academic and humanitarian awards. This documentary by Montaser Marai delves deeper into the life, opinions, influence and philosophies of Noam Chomsky.

We are honored to continue working with the wonderful Dana Lixenberg and being able to work with this particular portrait of one of the greatest minds in human history. Each shirt is produced in limited quantities and hand-numbered. The shirts will be available in store and online Friday, January 15.


Patta x Dana Lixenberg Chomsky T-Shirt (black) XS-XXL €55,00

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