NSS x Ben G x Dailymovement

Nothing Special, Special, Daily Movement and Ben-G join forces on a latest installment of t-shirt series. Inspired by the Muppets, playing cards and beautiful women, we asked the talented Morrison Schiffmacher and Rupa van Teylingen to provide the visuals for this project.

Morrison Schiffmacher who just turned 22 is already a well known tattoo artist who lives and works in Amsterdam. She developed her picture perfect style at a young age, always drawing and creating crazy visuals. Inspired by a broad variety of interests and subjects, she keeps surprising you time after time. Lately she has been working on different pieces, so we advice you to keep an eye on her instagram account: @morrisonschiffmacher where you can catch a glimpse of her latest and greatest.

You might not know him yet, but Rupa van Teylingen is the one to look for in the future. Allthough he currently works as the shop assistant in the Tattooshop; Schiffmacher and Veldhoen, it's obvious that he is rapidly evolving and finding his own way in the world of tattoos and art. He is also responsible for the visuals of the first NSS x Ben-G; 'The Kids Are All Right' collabo, which showed his great potential. So it's only right that we asked him to come back and provide us with another sick creation.

The three amazing pieces consist of the Muppet Pack; Miss Piggy drawn by Morrison and Elmo drawn by Rupa, and the queen of spades which is also a drawing made by Morrison. Catch them attached to this article.

The shirts will be available in the webshop of Ben-G and Dailymovement and sold at Baskets in Amsterdam for €25,00 each.

The celebratory release of the t-shirt will take place on January 18th at the Bitterzoet. The music will be provided by SirOJ, Willy Party and Jeff Solo with MC Lentini on the microphone.

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