It was just a year ago NSS (Nothing Special, Special) started out as an one time only concept in the Bitterzoet. SirOJ, Willy Party, Jeff Solo and MC Lentini teamed up to bring something different to the table with all the parties sounding the same, so they decided to bring back the forgotten sounds from the 80's and 90's. The special about nothing special; just good music, with a good atmosphere and good drinks, the way a right party supposed to be. The first edition was such a success that people constantly kept asking for one more and there was no turning back, since than NSS makes its return on every third friday of the month in the Bitterzoet. In over a year they all ready teamed up with Ben-G for two shirts, hosted one event at the Amsterdam Dance Event as well as the Queensday afterparty and the Appelsap pre-party. To celebrate they made it trough the first year, NSS decided to join hands with Niko an profound Rotterdam based party with a strong following who also celebrating their first year, Patta and Woei who worked well together on a previous collaboration. Coming from Amsterdam and Rotterdam this collaboration shows that their is a strong bond between these parties that overcomes old rivalry's, that bond comes from the same desire to bring people together and make them feel right.

The collaboration consists of two t-shirts with the medals of the different parties on the chest. The Rotterdam version is highlighted with green accents on the medals of Niko and Woei, while the Amsterdam version is highlighted with red accents on the medals of NSS and Patta. To bring it all together you can find the Nino Brown, New Jack City inspired line - 'All we got is us' on the back which underlines the strong bond between NSS, Niko, Patta and Woei.


The All We Got Is Us shirt will be available on thursday at Woei and on friday at Patta. The Rotterdam version will only be available at Woei and the Amsterdam version at Patta. To set this release of right there will be two releaseparty's on 18 and 19 july. First off it's going down at Niko in the Blender on 18 july where Vic Crezee and MC Lentini will represent NSS along side the Niko residents and on 19 july we will continue to party at NSS in the Bitterzoet to celebrate the firs year anniversary and where Rough and Maximoes will represent Niko along side the NSS residents. And just to make sure you are set up right Jeff Solo also presents the third volume of the NSS mixtape series. All love. All We Got Is Us NSS X PATTA X NIKO X WOEI Collaboration shirt: Black/Red (Amsterdam) Black/Green (Rotterdam) S-XL €35,00 In store-only July 19