Odalisque by Wessel Rossen

Quartier Putain will be hosting "Odalisque", an exhibition by upcoming artist Wessel Rossen. The literal meaning of the word odalisque breaks down to the Turkish oda, meaning room or chamber, and the functional suffix lik. In Ottoman Empire harem society, odalisques were female slaves who worked as chambermaids and tended to the harem’s wives and concubines. They were generally at the lower end of the hierarchy and not sexually involved with the sultan in charge, but there was always a chance that they might distinguish themselves and join the concubine realm.

In terms of odalisques becoming objects of inspiration, it would seem that the notion of harems not surprisingly fascinated the male artists of the Orientalist school. These artists began to combine primarily European standards of beauty with the captively exotic concept of a harem woman, with the result being many paintings bearing the title of Odalisque.

This of course connects with Quartier Putain, which makes it the ideal place to showcase Wessel's works for two weeks. Check out his portfolio here.

Odalisque by Wessel Rossen
Quartier Putain
October 11-25
Oudekerksplein 4
1012 GZ Amsterdam

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